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Producing, consuming and living with a low-impact on the environment

Every choice we make has an impact, even when it comes to the environment. How we move around, the products we consume, and how we take care of our bodies and health are all choices that can have a very negative impact on the environment. But they can also save it.

Using sustainable products in our daily routines can save enormous amounts of CO2 emissions and the release of pollutants into nature. It was this awareness that led to the birth of Redivivus and drives, to this day, its development and growth.

Redidrop can help reduce the impact of your daily routine from three perspectives:

Completely eliminate the use of plastic typically employed in the bottles of other liquid shampoos. An in-house study has shown that each capsule saves an average of 2 grams of plastic. Minimize product waste as each monodose contains the right amount for a single wash. As a concentrated cosmetic product, our formula can reduce water consumption in production processes by about 70%. What are you waiting for? Try them out and make your daily routine more environmentally friendly!


Scopri le borracce Redivivus per sostituire le bottiglie in plastica con stile.

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