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How to sustainably drink coffee

Coffee is essential in our homes, whether it's to kickstart the morning or as a conclusion to a meal. But can we consume it more sustainably? With a few adjustments, yes!

According to a WWF study, approximately 10,000 square kilometers of forests have been cleared to make space for coffee plantations. Opting for products with Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ certification ensures respect for the environment and workers by the producer.

For those who prefer the convenience of coffee capsules, there's an extra consideration: avoid plastic capsules and opt for compostable or reusable ones instead.

In workplaces, coffee is crucial, especially to avoid mid-morning desk napping. A sustainable choice would be to replace plastic cups with alternatives made from compostable materials.

All these good habits should, of course, be accompanied by the primary rule of sustainability: avoid waste!